Easy to do Bobby pin Nail art

Bobby pins are those little mysterious hair styling tools which keep missing every time you buy. We must have spent hundreds on these little magical self disappearing tools but how about saving some bucks with these. 

How about I tell you, you can use them for creating gorgeous nail art on your little digits. It might sound a little weird but it is better to use a home made dotting tool then spending money on buying nail art tools for simple nail arts. 

Yes, you can use your bobby pins for creating cute manicures. 

 Not just bobby pins buy several other little tools lying around in the house can work as nail art tools for you. Have a look at some of these.

If you are still wondering about how to do it, here are some simple DIYs for you!

Try out all these gorgeous nail art you can do just with a bobby pin or any of the tools i mentioned above. It is Easy to do, and you can save tons of money on nail art tools as well as manis by doing these at home!

NOTE: Check out how to make your nail art Striper brush and Dotting tools

Colorful polka dot mani!

Tribal style polka dot mani!

Dual colored polka dot mani!

Easy to do polkas on blue!

Ombre gradient effect with polka dots!

Accent nail polka dot mani

Colorful Easter nail art done with nothing but bobby pins!

Cute pink and white polka dot mani!

Polka dots with striping tape mani!

 Blue mani with polka in gradient effect!

Mint green polka dot with glitter nail art! 

Easy to do polka dot mani with bobby pins

I hope you loved all these and felt tempted to try them. Do share your work of art with me on Facebook, Twitter and instagram with @crazynailzz or #crazynailzz.

Lots of Love!!!