Bright Up Your Monsoon With YELLOW

In the dull and dark monsoon season it is a crime to hide in the crowd in dark clothes. You gotta stand out and you need just one colour for that- YELLOW. Yellow presents a feeling of warmness in this boring and monotonous weather. Generally thought to be the colour for summer, yellow can definitely help you to spread a sunshine aura around you.
You can team up yellow with almost any colour and show the funky side of your personality. From pale yellow to bright lemon, you have a wide range of shades.
Dresses, flip-flops, ballerinas, hot pants, skirts, tops, t-shirt, shirt, anything looks cool and trendy in yellow colour. If you don’t like wearing yellow then accessorise yourself in yellow.
 Team up those cool earrings, belt, bangles, and handbags with your favourite dress and become the new trend setter. You can definitely use a yellow umbrella to stand out among black ones
This color evokes an up heaving emotion, a sense of excitement and hope. If you’re not convinced with taking up the challenge and flaunting an overall yellow look, then take the safe route and mix a subdued shade of yellow with earthy tones.
Here are few tips about how to wear yellow-
·         First up, when shopping for yellow clothes, make sure you pick a color that doesn’t drag you down. The color yellow can have an evil property of making the skin look too patchy or overly-tanned, so choosing the right shade for your skin is vital.
·         If you have a pinkish-whitish skin complexion, go for warmer shades of yellow like mustard. You need to look for colors that almost fall under the beige-gold category but still look visually yellow. They’ll make you look tanned.
·         On olive skin tones, bright yellow, neon shades and chartreuse color are most flattering. The brighter and more vibrant yellow you choose, the more it’ll compliment your warm skin.
·         For an all-yellow ensemble, go bold and clash the look with contrasting accessories. Neon yellow with cobalt blue is a great option for spring; also a leafy green works best for a skirt and shirt combination. Turquoise, tangerine and lilac are great colors for contrasting yellow.
·         Keep the silhouette clean and modern. You don’t want to mix yellow with a party of prints; strict, almost geometrically equated lines are the way to go for spring 2012. Also, stay away from floral yellow prints.
·         An ocean of fabrics is at your disposal for this color trend. The good news: yellow can look sporty and sensual in patent leather, whilst maintain a sensual and sexy persona when married to chiffon or other sheer fabrics.
·         If you’re hesitant to wear this vivid shade, stick to wearing yellow under the waist – pants, skirts, tailored shorts or even shoes. You can always tone this down with a white, black or nude top or blazer.
·         When wearing yellow-colored pants, avoid wearing yellow elsewhere, especially if you’re one with long legs. This look is great for the runway, but when translated to an everyday look, it has a huge potential of looking comical.
·         Although, don’t be afraid to mix shades of yellow in the same outfit. Especially if you’re doing so with accessories vs. pants or shorts.
·         Citrus shades are huge for this spring; when shopping, think of lemons and pineapple. You can wear these boldly, or in soft yellow pastels
·         For a crisp summer style, look for a citrus yellow belt and pair it with an all-white short-suit. This combination is one that’ll never fail you on the style radar.
·         Belts, cotton headscarf, socks, shoes, detachable collars or even cuff link – pick one and clash your outfit with a bold splash of yellow.
·         Introduce yellow to your make-up bag, with citrus eye shadows, neon yellow nails, and if you’re bold enough, a lick of bright yellow liquid liner.

So in what are you gonna use yellow?