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Dabur Oxylife Cream Bleach: Review

After trying few other oxy bleaches and bleaches, I am back with my favorite one, Dabur Oxylife cream bleach. This has been my favorite since day one when I tried about a couple of years back and since then, it has been a staple in vanity. Let's check out the reviews!

According To The Brand

OxyLife Crème Bleach infuses active oxygen into the skin. Aloe Vera makes the skin supple and soft. And together they provide a radiating instant glow! OxyLife Crème Bleach is the mildest skin bleach available in the market, suitable even for sensitive and problem prone skin.
Spotless skin
Instant glow
Even skin tone
Removes dead skin and sun tan 

Package Includes
Creme Bleach
Powder Activator
Post-Bleach Skin Radiance Serum 

Creme Bleach: Hydrogen Peroxide
Powder Activator: Persulphates
Post-Bleach Skin Radiance Serum: Sea Mineral Extracts, Oxysphere

Cost Rs. 80 for 27 grams
You can get this in a number of sizes varying from single use package to upto 8 I guess. This one is good for 3 use…

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