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15 Gold Manicure That Are too Irresistible

Golden nails are so gorgeous. If done right, they can create a mesmerizing effect on your hands, captivating everyone gazing at them. Whether it is for a wedding or for glam club night look, golden nails can never disappoint you. 
Either use a simple golden nail polish or go mad with golden foils, here are few fabulous ideas that will ignite creativity in you. Let's get started!

1. Golden nail art using appliques

2. Gold and white nail art with accent finger full of studs

3. Simple golden nails

4. Black nails with golden accent finger

5. Chrome gold nails

6. Gorgeous gold nails with textured accent finger and thumb

7. Stunning gold nail art with golden glitter particles

8. Black matte nails with golden studs

9. Golden nails with ombre effect

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