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The Essential: 7 Shirt Dress Looks You Gotta Try

Is it a shirt, is it a dress, who can tell!
It is a rare situation when a super popular fashion trend can also be super comfortable. Out of all the trends shirtdress is seriously underrated. What other silhouette can take you so easily from work to a cocktail party? Or to lunch with your girlfriends on the weekend? Just switch up your shoes with any of these dresses to become a wardrobe chameleon in a flash. Whether it is a bright colored printed one or a subtle pastel shirt dress, if paired with right accessories, can do magic for you.

Take out all those large hand bags, flashy jewelry and your favorite heels, shirt dress will compliment all of them in the same way it flatters the flat gladiator sandles, minimalist jewelry and clutch bags. 
Flattering & ever-so-stylish, the shirtdress is the perfect option for any occasion. Lets have a look at these 7 ways to style a shirt dress....

1. A striped shirt dress with bright lipstick and accessories can be a perfect party look!

2. A past…

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