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Fabulous Prom Nail Art Ideas For You To Rock

Prom time is here!

Some of you will have it in a couple of weeks while others have to wait until next year, whatever is the norm, but hey, the more time we get for preparation is always better. Getting the right dress before all of them are sold, finding perfect shoes so we can dance all night, getting hair and makeup done, there is so much on your plate right now. To make your life a little easier, I thought about putting together some fabulous Prom nail art ideas for this year or next (whatever)!

Elegant Floral Prom Nails

This black floral nail art can make your nails look pretty as hell for the big day. Playing with the negative space, outlining the nails with black and adding a rhinestone on other nails. Your nail art will be the talk of the town. Make sure to have the right shape if you are planning to outlining them like the one shown here. Also, there is a possibility of switching the colors to match your dress.

Go Matte for Prom Nails

Matte nail art looks fabulous on every occa…

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