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7 Kiss-proof lip colors available in your budget

Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip crayons or lip tints, we have tons of options available to make our lips stand out. From wild reds to subtle nudes, from jazzy neons to elegant berry lips, from soft pinks to hot reds, we have tried or want to try them all. The biggest concern about finding the best lip color is the longevity. How long will the lipstick or lip color will last on your lips, once applied tells a lot about its quality. Due to the hassle involved in applying lip color perfectly, and reapplying it when needed, some of us choose to use nude shades or simple tinted lip balms.

Once applied, some lip colors last only for about 30 minutes. Being a girl who loves food and talks a lot, some of the lipstick brands do not last for long, and this is a common concern among us all. We want our lipstick on the lips and not on those coffee cups, water glasses, burgers or sandwiches we enjoy during the day. It is also not possible to visit washroom or take out the vanity mirror to retouch the…

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