Try Stylish Maternity Wear For Mother-To-Be by The Mom Store

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in every woman's life. During this time, she undergoes so many changes. One such change is to her clothes. She has to wear baggy clothes and oversized outfits to fit her baby bump well. And many of us gain weight during that time, making it difficult to fit into regular clothes. Buying new clothes during this time can be troublesome as most outfits are designed for a different waistline. It does not accommodate your baby bump well. And wearing plus-sized clothes is also not feasible as it will look baggy and bulky. 

So for all the mother-to-be, The Mom Store brings a range of stylish outfits. These not only fit the baby bump but make you look fashionable as well. Recently I got this shirt from The Mom Store and I loved it. I  used to think that maternitywear was generally bulky, but it was designed amazingly. Here is what I loved about it.

Here is the link to the shirt top if you want to try

Lightweight cotton fabric

The fabric of this shirt and other tops by the brand is quite lightweight. They are made with cotton making them ideal for the hot summer season. You can also wear them comfortably during the humid monsoon season. When you are already feeling hot and sweaty during those later pregnancy months, cotton outfits are great for it. 

Button-down closer

New mothers often struggle while feeding their babies. So, this outfit has a button-down closer. You don't have to lift the entire top to feed. Just unbutton a few buttons and feed the baby. If you want, you can use a scarf to cover yourself while feeding in public. But to me, it is quite comfortable. 

Drop-shoulder Baggy sleeves

Baggy sleeves and drop shoulders are quite in trend these days. They give you extra room and a relaxed look while making you look slimmer. It helps create the illusion of a slimmer body. It will draw attention away from your baby bump.

Apart from this, there are many beautiful shirt tops, peplum tops and dresses if you are into Western outfits. The Mom Store also have high-waist pants with an elastic waistband, track pants, and leggings. You can enjoy a comfortable and relaxed stylish look with these. If you love to wear Indian outfits, many options are available in the store. They also have feeding covers, and everything you need for a comfortable pregnancy. 

The Mom Store is a one-stop shop for everything required during pregnancy and post-pregnancy. It includes toys, diaper bags, and clothes for newborns and toddlers. This store is a must-visit!

I will keep you posted for future purchases from this store. If you have any questions, ask away in the comment section. And if you want to see me in this shirt, head over to my Instagram page at Crazy Nailzz

Lots of Love!!!



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