Modelones Anti-UV Glove Review | Tips to Reduce UV exposure while doing manicure

With the increasing use of gel polishes, the harmful effects of UV lamps have also come to light. This is a field which is not researched a lot, and recent studies have shown that UV lamps can cause serious damage to your skin. It not only causes tanning, and premature ageing but also causes your cells to mutate increasing the chances of cancer. This is why many salons have started keeping sunscreens for their customers. But what about the ones that use gel polishes at home? 

Here is a solution for them!

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Modelones website: Modelones Anti-UV gloves

Brand Claims

The brand claims that Modelones Anti-UV glove is skin-friendly, easy to wear and provides strong UV blocking. With built-in core tech, form efficient barrier prevents hand ageing. Multilayer protection relieves the burning sensation.

My Experience

The fabric is a nylon and spandex blend. It is soft to the touch and easy to wear. You literally just slip your hand in the glove and that is it. It has holes at the tip which you can fold if your fingers are short like me. It is lightweight and gentle on the skin. You will not feel any itching, irritation or discomfort. Although these are one size fits all, it has enough room to accommodate a large hand. 

Does it work?

My biggest problem is the heat from a UV lamp. And these gloves actually provided me with some relief from the pain due to heat. However, about UV radiation, I could not check because I don't have a proper device for the same. They have mentioned all the tests done along with results on the brand product page so you can check it out. 

These gloves are great for outdoor use as well if you are a biker or cyclist. I will be using them regularly now whenever I am doing nail art using gel polishes. It is good to have some protection. I suggest that you try these as well. 

How to be safe while using UV lamps?

Buy good quality UV lamps with certified LED lights. Apply sunscreen on your hands at least 30 minutes before the session. Wear gloves or cover with ample clothing. 

Here is the video review of Modelones Anti-UV gloves on Crazy Nailzz

I hope you found this helpful. Do let me know your thoughts on this. 

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