Dcraf by Rana Daggubati | Reviewing Men's Skincare | Gift ideas for men

 Hello my lovelies!

I hope 2023 is treating you right and you are motivated to fulfil all those resolutions too. I and my husband also have a resolution this year and it is to take care of our skin better. Yes, I love exploring new skincare products and try them. But I am hardly able to take out time to invest in it. So we thought of doing it together to be able to keep it up.

Trust me, finding a good brand brand of skincare products for men was not that easy! There are a few brands, but either they are super expensive or have too many options. I wanted to create an easy skincare routine for my husband, which he can follow. And he can include in his everyday life without too much of hassle. After searching, Dcraf by Rana Daggubati seemed like a good option. Also, it was kinda his birthday gift as well. So, if you are looking for some easy and useful gift ideas for men, this is the hint for you. 

This brand caters to everything a men needs for his skin without overwhelming them with options. And I loved this about it. So, I got a few products from them - A face wash, scrub. serum and aftershave lotion. Let's review them!

Dcraf Face wash for men

Cost: Rs. 349 for 100ml 

This Dcraf face wash  has no parabens. It is vegan friendly and has natural ingredients. The aroma is quite refreshing, has a minty freshness to it. Texture is gel like which helps in removing oil without drying out the skin. Packaging is also pretty neat and easy with a fliptop cap. Definitly makes skin glowy and clean. 

It has witch hazel and willow bark extract with jojoba beans along with other many ingredients. My husband does not have acne so not sure about its effectiveness on it as well as on inflammation. But it is quite foamy and you need a small quantity per wash. 

Dcraf Face Scrub

Cost: Rs. 349 for 100grams.

He uses my face scrub so thankfully, he has his own now. The aroma is very fruity and texture is creamy with gritty beads in it. With oat kernal extract, jojoba beans and olive leaf extract, Dcraf face scrub removes the dead skin and white heads for a smoother look. With regular use, I think it will be effective on blackheads around nose and cheeks. 

The creamy texture nourishes and moisturises the skin while the beads exfoliate it gently. My husband had a visible glow to his face, probably because it helps in removing tan as well. Truly smoooooooothh results. 

Dcraf After Shave Lotion

Cost: Rs. 399 for 100ml

Most of his aftershaves are liquidy or watery, but this was first time using a lotion. He loved the minty fresh aroma in it, a bit similar to face wash. The consistency of this Dcraf aftershave lotion is creamy and runny. It is not thick but right amount of runny. The texture helps it to be absorbed into the skin properly. 

It has himalyan berry extract, Calendula extract and cucumber extract. They help in calming the skin after shave and helps it rejuvenate it properly healing cuts and burns. Also, it helps in making the skin smooth to touch with right level of hydration. 

Dcraf Face Serum

Cost: Rs. 499 for 30ml

Dcraf face serum has niacinamide, Vitamin C and Bakuchi oil which are known for their benefits for skin. Niacinamide helps in giving you a glowy skin and reduces pigmentation. Vitamin C makes your skin bright and improves overall texture. 

Bakuchi oil gives moisturisation for plump look. Overall, it is a nice serum which instantly makes your skin glow and soft. I even tried it too a couple of times, it is actually good. 

Where can you buy them?

There products are available on Amazon, Roposo and on Dcraf website. 

Here is the link to their Amazon store: https://amzn.to/3WOPVav

What my husband loved about it?

First of all, the ease of product selection. There are skincare products for every need. Whether you are a clean shaven men or a bearded one or a moustache one, there are products for you. They are easy to use and can be incorporated to everyday lifestyle. And they are quite affordable as well. He was using Innisfree face wash until now, which is above 900 rs. But now loves this Dcraf one which is about 350 rupees. Same quantity but 1/3rd of the price. The fragrance is also nice - very minty and fruity. I love how he smells after using them. And it made his skin very soft to touch, again what I love. 

I will also try to post a Youtube review of these, if I am able to make him do it for me. 

Have you tried Dcraf products yet? If yes, tell me about your experience. 

Lots of Love!!!