Ladakh - A travel experience that will change you forever

Visiting Ladakh is a dream I had since college. When I saw people posting pics on the dirt roads of Leh, sharing their experiences of the wild north of India. It is quite intimidating as well as exciting. But like any other girl in an Indian family, I was told to go after marriage. Yes, it is hilarious, but that is the truth of my life.

So, abiding by the parental rule, I did it after my marriage. Thankfully, my husband shares the same passion for travelling as do I. We took our honeymoon to Leh, which was postponed due to covid. I was super excited, but the excitement turned into breathlessness as soon as I landed in Leh.

It was beautiful, with lovely landscapes everywhere, but taking even a few steps require a lot of power. I was breathless the whole time and had many spells of motion sickness. They always tell you that Ladakh is beautiful, but never share the hardships we Delhiites would have to face there.

Yet, keeping everything aside, I started my journey. The first day was a visit to the Magnetic Hill and Patthar Saheb Gurudwara.

Magnetic hill may sound magical, but it does require some time to figure out why is it called a magnetic hill. The place was full of confused tourists who were clueless about why they are even there or where is this hill everyone talks about. Turns out, it is just a small spot on the road where you experience a magnetic pull, on your vehicle and not your body.

Patthar Saheb on the other hand was serene and peaceful. It is run by the Indian army, which was nice to see. Most of us only see the Indian army fighting on the border and do not like this engaging with the people of the land. This gesture of the Indian army and visiting the gurudwara located at such a high altitude was one of the special experiences.

Another memory I have of the place is visiting Pangong lake and Nubra Valley. My, my, the place is like a small piece of heaven. The blue colour of the lake, crystal clear waters and bone-chilling air, you do not see this every day, do you!

And Nubra valley is a whole other world. We stayed at a bread and breakfast place run by an old couple. They were so sweet and nice, trying to make our stay as comfortable as possible. Visiting Diskit Gompa was the highlight of this trip along with riding bikes on the dunes.

Sun, sand, snow, rocky mountains, scarce green patches, and clear water lakes, Ladakh has it all. And the people of this land make it even more magical to visit.

I am thinking about sharing my experience, stays, food I ate and everything about Ladakh here on the blog. So, let me know if you want anything specific to be covered here.

Lots of Love!!!


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