What is the easiest way to get long and healthy hair?

Due to our busy lifestyles, we always look for easy skin and hair care methods. Readymade products which can give instant results. But these instant results never give lasting results. During the festive season, if you want to flaunt beautiful hairstyles, hair care is very important. If your hair is dull and brittle, no hairstyle would look nice on them. Here is the easiest way to give you healthy-looking hair within a week. 

Start with oiling

If your nani dadi has been running after you for oiling your hair, please let them do it. It is very beneficial for your hair to have that extra moisture. Oiling not only provides nourishment to your hair roots and scalp but also keeps it moisturised. It helps the texture of your hair strands and reduces frizziness. You will notice that the more you do your regular champi, the less hair fall you get. Here is a video tutorial!

Oil your hair and scalp at least twice a week. Leaving it overnight is helpful. In case you have acne-prone or oily skin, leave the oil on your scalp for a few hours only. 

Use ayurvedic hair oils

Ayurveda is full of amazing oil concoctions dealing with different hair problems. You can get all these in packed form with many brands in India. Some of my favourite ones tried and tested of course are Parachute Ayurvedic oil, Sesa hair oil, Moha 5 in 1 Hair Oil and Navratna Therapy Stress Relief oil. I regularly use Sesa and Moha ones with weekly champi and Navratna therapy oil whenever I feel stressed. Let me tell you, not every oil suits everyone. you can buy small bottles of oil and try them to see which one suits your scalp and hair roots best. 

Keep it simple with oils available at home

If you do not wish to spend money on hair oils available in the market, oils available at home are also good. My dadi and Nani considers mustard oil, pure kachi ghani and desi ghee best for hair and scalp. I even used them as a kid, for most of my childhood years. Apart from these, extra virgin coconut oil is also great for hair and scalp. You can choose any of them!

Avoid using too much heat while styling and washing hair

Too much heat, whether you use it on your skin or hair, does not do any good. Using too much heat while styling your hair can damage them significantly. your hair will become brittle causing damage. They will become super dry and frizzy causing hair fall. so, it is best if you use heat-protecting serums while styling. It is best to keep the heat at the lowest possible setting. And reduce the use of styling tools as much as possible. You might love a straight hair look or curly hair look every day, but your hair does not!

Similarly, a hot water bath causes damage to your scalp and hair. It strips off the natural oils, making the scalp dry and causing dandruff, and an itchy scalp. Try to use lukewarm or room-temperature water for washing your hair. Taking a bath with too hot water is harmful to your skin as well. It causes it to become dry and age faster. 

Start doing this right away and you will see the difference within a week. Applying the oil is quite helpful for maintaining proper health and moisture on the scalp as well as hair strands. Your hair roots will become stronger, reducing hair fall and itchy scalp. Especially right now when winter and fall season is approaching, your hair needs extra moisture. And it is the easiest form of hair care one can follow. Keep these simple tips in mind and enjoy super healthy beautiful hair. 

Lots of Love!!!