Best Affordable Press-On Nails Available in India | Cheap Manicure for Girls

Press-on nails are the best way to get a quick manicure on budget. And since you can wear these nails whenever you want for a long time, it is actually pretty cheap. A good set of press-on fake nails can last up to 6 months. And if you avoid doing household chores while wearing them, it can last more than that too. For a girl with short nails, these can be helpful to get a long nail look. You can wear them for parties, weddings or any other occasion. and remove them after the function. No hassle, no mess, and no damage to your natural nails.

You cannot get all these benefits from the manicure done in salons. And they are pretty expensive too as well as damage your natural nails. 

If you think that most of them are pretty expensive, here are some of the affordable sets of press-on fake nails. 

You can explore the entire collection of good quality press-on nails in India here 

Here are some of my favorite press-on nails for every occasion.

Long almond/ stiletto with a full application kit


Long Ballerina OMBRE PINK french nails with a full application kit

Long coffin with a full application kit

Ballerina PINK, WHITE, GLITTER nails with a full application kit

Store2508 Press on Gel Nails Sets

French Artificial Nails Art Set

Artificial round nail tips

Glossy Designer Fake Nails

Glossy Light Design Press on Nails Set

You can buy a good quality press-on nail set for as low as 199 and it can go up to 899 rupees with 4 sets combo pack. Try them and see which brand has the most suitable ones for your nails. 

Lots of Love!!!