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Colorbar is bringing your dreams to life with the World's Largest Nail Lacquer Color Palette. Choose from an exciting selection of 19 shade families that happily dance with natural light, unleashing their inherently smooth and limitless shine. #CB1001ShadesofLove

We understand that you are the queen of your makeup collection and can never have enough nail paint, just like you can never have enough lipstick or eyeshadow. Choose from an exciting selection of 19 shade families that happily dance with natural light, unleashing their inherently smooth and limitless shine. What's your mood today? 

Passionate Red and Crimson. Poetic Coral, Pink, and Lilac. Intriguing Mauve and Plum. Feisty Gold. Mysterious Gray or Silver. Vibrant bursts of Orange and Yellow. Soothing Blue and Green. Timeless tones of Black and White. Pristine touches of Nude. With the 1001 Nail Lacquer Range, your beauty is as powerful as you have ever wanted it to be, for you can give into every instinct and discover why different colors speak to you in different moods.

Why is the patented Sun Genius formula different?

Firstly, the formula is unique to Colorbar and no one else can have it. This formula works in two ways. When applied on its own, this formula boasts a record wear performance (without a topcoat). The lacquer provides intense glossy shine, high pigment leading to superb color payoff, and pleasant drying time. 

The formula is a natural genius as it also strengthens conditions and hardens weak and brittle nails. It is enriched with keratin, calcium, and sweet almond oil to provide you these benefits. Now what is entirely magical about this formula is that it is a convertible. This would probably be the first transforming sun-reactive formula that you would have heard of.

  • Clean Beauty Promise: This formula does not contain these harmful ingredients which are present in other nail lacquers. It is non-carcinogenic. Promotes nail health. Safeguards nails from allergens. 100% vegetarian and 100% cruelty-free.
  • 7 Free Formula: Free from formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and paraben.
  • Even the Keratin used inside the formula is not derived from animal sources. No animals were harmed while creating this product.

Shades I got!

Although there are so many shades in the yellow and orange category, I got only 7 shades for reviewing on Crazy Nailzz. Need to stay on budget right!

Orange shades

Including pastel to dark burnt shades, they have it all in this range. From left to right Light Fawn, Peachiness, Amber Glaze, and Salmon's Right


Yellow shades

You can get white shades with a hint of yellow to bright yellow shades. From left to right, Butter, Warm Yellow, and Sunglasses. You can find nail art done with them all on my social channels. Look for Crazy Nailzz.


All these nail polishes are priced at Rs. 199 for 12ml

Buy them here:


I could not find the ingredients list anywhere for these nail polishes. The brand has mentioned that these polishes contain Keratin and Almond Oil. Also, the brand claims that they are 7 Free. Free from formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, formaldehyde resin, camphor, xylene, and paraben.

Let me show you the swatches


This is a perfect summer yellow color which has beach vibes to it. It is beautiful, bold, and looks gorgeous on nails. There is a glossy finish but it is quite subtle and not overwhelming. you need 2 coats of this and it lasts more than 3 days.

Amber Glaze

This one is a gorgeous candy orange color that kinda reminds me of Halloween. this juicy shade has a beautiful glossy finish and needs about 2 coats to show proper color. You do not need a top coat for this and it can last for more than 3 days.

Warm Yellow

This one is a beautiful pastel yellow color. It is so pretty that you can also use it as a base for summer and spring nail art designs. Apply 2 coats for the best result. It can last for 3-4 days without top coat.

Salmon's Right

This is a burnt orange shade which is perfect for fall nail art designs. It is somewhat brownish too. I like it a lot. It has a glossy finish but I think I will apply a matte top coat to it. It also has a decent lasting of 4 days.


This one is an elegant peachy orange shade. It is not exactly peach but slightly light orange. It is creamy and glossy, looking beautiful on nails. It can last for about 4 days on your nail without a topcoat.


It is not exactly a yellow shade but is more like the creamy white color. It has a tint of yellow which is quite subtle. I feel it resonates more with a vanilla-like feel rather than proper yellow. It is a powdery creamy shade with decent shine. Not very shiny or glossy. You need about 2 coats of this shade and lasts for 3 days.

Light Fawn

This one is a creamy light peachy shade. It looks super elegant and is the perfect base for nail art. You will need about 2 coats for a smooth look. It can last for about 3-4 days without a topcoat. 

This is Crazy Nailzz's review of the Yellow and Orange color range by Colorbar. I will be doing other shades too soon, including pink, purple, and greys with a few other shades. Also, this is not a PR or paid review if you are wondering. I have purchased all the nail polishes myself. Which is why I cannot afford to buy all of them. 

I hope you loved them and enjoyed the review. Please do share it on your social media or Pin it!

Lots of Love!!!