Very Unique Tropical jungle themed nail art

Do you love unique nail designs? Do you want to take your stamping nail art skills to the next level? Try this multiple layered nail art design done with stamping. I used Born Pretty Tropical Punch L002 for this nail art and stamping polishes from Store 2508. Base is by Faces Canada. 


There will be a mess on your nail which you can clean after finishing the nail art. You can also use nail latex or nail polish barrier for an easy cleanup. In case you do not have it, you can apply vaseline or petroleum jelly on the skin around the nail. This will help in easy removal of the polish. 

By all the products from

Nail polishes:
Born pretty stamping plates:
Stamping polishes:
Liquid nail peel off tape:

Start by applying yellow polish or base of your choice. Once it has dried up, apply the chevron pattern or any pattern you like using white stamping polish. Once it has dried, apply leaf pattern using green first and follow it with leaf pattern in black. Once everything has dried up and settled, apply top coat of your choice. Matte or glossy, you can use any type.

Here is the tutorial for this nail art!

 It might seem a bit intimidating and difficult, but it is quite easy. Go step by step... 

 Ask me if you need help with stamping or any other nail art look. 

Lots of Love!!!