Can nail serum be put over nail polish?

Nail serums are an essential part of the nail care routine. They help in strengthening the nails, making them grow fast and preventing unwanted breaking or chips. All these benefits can be achieved from nail serums, only if you use it properly. Often people apply them over nail polishes which prevent these to function properly. A good nail serum is designed to seep into the nails and cuticles along with nail beds. If you apply it over the polish, it will not be able to function the way it should. 

There are various types of nail serums available. Polish like Oil like and balm-like. The oil and balm serums can be applied on the cuticle, nail bed, and around the nail. You should not apply polish while wearing these. However, the one that is like polish should be applied only on the nail. You can apply polish over this one, once it has dried up.

How to apply nail serum?

1. Clean your nails

2. Remove any nail polish or product from your nails

3. File the nails and buff a little

4. Apply the serum all over the nails

5. While using nail balm or cuticle oil, massage the nail, cuticle, and skin around the nail. Cover nail bed as much as possible.

6. Let your nails rest immersed in serum until it is absorbed fully.

7. Do not wash your nails before applying the nail polish after nail serum application.

I hope these tips were helpful.

If you have any extra tips, do share them in the comment. 

Lots of Love!!!