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Today's post is all about nail care and cuticle care. And yes, this is not sponsored at all, neither has anyone asked me to do it. 

As a nail polish and nail art lover, it is very important for me to take care of my nails. If they are cracked, chipped, and damaged with dry cuticles, nail art or polish will not look good on them. The best way to make it possible is by moisturizing them with the right products. And if you are an Indian, living in India, you must know how difficult it is to get good cuticle care products. My usual one was Innisfree cuticle oil, but I could not get my hands on it due to nationwide lockdown. 

During this time, I saw a fellow nail artist post something about a cuticle oil and balm developed by another fellow nail artist. So, after many questions and a little doubt in my mind, I placed the order for this combo pack. And now I am on my third order!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Stouchwood cuticle and nail oil + balm


✨10ml of our Nail & Cuticle Oil - Rs. 250 each Free shipping

✨15gm of our Cuticle butter - Rs. 250 each Free shipping

This combo is priced at Rs. 450/- with free shipping.

Available in all four variants-

Coffee, Royal Rose, Ginger Lime & Tulsi.

You can place the order for these at the Instagram page of Stouchwood skincare. 

This one here is a Coffee variant

Stouchwood Cuticle butter

This butter is absolutely divine. It smells amazing and works fantastically. The texture is pretty smooth like any other nut butter. It melts as soon as it hits your skin and gets absorbed well. It is not sticky but super moisturizing. I use this at least 3 times a day. You will need a very small quantity of it. Spread it generously around cuticles, massaging on the nails and skin around.

Let it sit there, allowing it to be absorbed well into the skin. You will see how magically it makes your skin soft. I sometimes even use it as a hand cream. The fragrance is pretty amazing and it does not stain clothes if you accidentally get it on some.

Quantity is quite enough to last more than a month I guess with regular use along with oil. The benefits you can expect from it are,

- Healthy and strong nails
- Soft cuticles
- Fast growth of nails
- Helps in reducing darkness around nails

Stouchwood Nail & Cuticle oil

This is one of the best cuticle oil I have used and so damn affordable. It works amazingly to make your nails grow fast and strong. The oil is non-sticky and gets absorbed into the nail bed and skin around so effortlessly. The roll-on packaging allows the oil to be applied properly with no hassle. 

PS: They now have changed the packaging to a brush applicator. I will show you next time I get it. 

The fragrance is absolutely amazing with coffee and aromatic woody notes having hints of vanilla.

What I loved most!

I loved the small detailing she added to the packaging. Small gifts like scrunchies and hairpins, or some nail stickers along with cute handwritten notes make it so special. Apart from this, she always tries to make the product better after listening to users. Now you can get the cuticle oil in a brush applicator packaging. Also, new flavors are also included. 

Tips to get soft hands and long nails

Moisturize and moisturize!

This is the only way to get soft and long nails. Apply cuticle oil on your nails and nail bed every single day. If possible, apply it twice a day. During the nighttime, apply balm on nails for deep enrichment. Since we wash our hands so often these days and it is wintertime, moisturizing can go a long way. Along with these, invest in good hand cream or get boroplus or boroline. They are best to get soft skin during the winter season. 

Thank you Suman AKA Nutcracker for creating this fabulous product. I wish you more sales and growth for your future. 

Lots of Love!!!


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