Cheap Nail Art Products Available on Amazon

We all love amazing but cheap products when it comes to nail art. I have been purchasing my nail art products from international websites for the past several years, but due to Corona, I had to look for local sources to get desired nail art products. I got a bunch of them, some got delivered and some are still pouring in slowly. Even though I was a bit skeptical while purchasing local brands that I never heard off from sellers I never purchased from, but it was better than having nothing right. So, here is my video review of all the products that I have received so far from Amazon. I will be marking the link of all the products as well at the bottom of the blog as well as in the video so that you can also get some of them for you.

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Here are the links to the products that are shown here in the video!

1. Fameza Water decals 24 sheets

2. S.A.V.I. 24 styles french manicure nail art vinyl

3. S.A.V.I. Acrylic Crystal Glitter Rhinestones - 12 Styles

4. S.A.V.I. pearls for nail art

5. S.A.V.I. Golden metallic beads

6. Fashionwu 12 Grid imitation diamond rhinestone for nail art

7. SYGA Nail Art Stickers 3D Glitter powder and decoration

8. Grapits Gold Silver Nail Art Water Transfer Decals Metallic

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