Chennai Cafe | Best place for Southern Indian Cuisine in Jammu

It is never easy to find good authentic South Indian food in northern parts of the country. However, I found a gem for you right here in the middle of Jammu city in Gandhi Nagar Area - Chennai Cafe. Located in a peaceful neighborhood, this is a small yet beautiful restaurant located on the ground floor of a two-story building. Due to this location, the ambiance is pretty comfortable and relaxing over here. We first visited this place during lunch hours and it was jam-packed, trust us we were pretty surprised. This restaurant opened in October and seeing something so new filled to the brink with people was telling us everything about the food over here.

So, we decided to come again with our family during breakfast hours.  The staff welcomed us with warm cups of rasam, a spicy tangy light broth made out of vegetables, before serving the food. It was quite delicious and comforting. Instead of ordering the regular idli and dosa, we decided to explore the menu with several other fusion dishes such as Hyderabadi Thattu idli, large idli topped with spices and cheese, served with an assortment of chutney and sambhar. Cheese Dosa which is again a crispy dosa with a layer of cheese melting inside served with sambhar and chutneys. Rava paneer dosa that contained spicy tangy paneer wrapped around with crispy Rava dosa, French fried idli which was idli cut into french fry shape and deep fried served with tomato ketchup. Dahi vada, which was a relaxing dish with sweet dahi and a soft juicy vada swimming in it. I really loved the paneer uttapam which was topped with a spicy tangy paneer mixture. 

The best part for me over here was the filter coffee and tea, served in a very unique way. You will pay more just for the experience. You can see the video on my food Instagram page, with handle @dochatore
Filter coffee
Coffee was simply mind-blowing, with the right amount of milk, sugar, and coffee. And the cost was mere Rs. 30.

Paneer uttapam

Dahi Vada
Cheese Dosa

Masala Dosa

Rava paneer dosa

French fries Idli

Hyderabad Thattu Idli

I really enjoyed the food and the ambiance over here. The staff was friendly and helpful, however, the service was a tad bit slow, probably because we were their first thing in the morning and they were preparing at that time. It can be a nice place for hanging out with friends and family. If you are looking for delicious southern Indian cuisine in Jammu city, this is a must-visit for you and trust me, the price is surprisingly low...

Here is the address

16, D/C, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir 180004

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Lots of Love!!!