New Year's Eve Makeup Ideas That You Need To Try

New Year's Eve is the time when you need to set your style apart from others while looking glamorous and stunning. If you are bored with your usual makeup looks, I have curated some of the trendiest and most hip and happening makeup looks for you to try. If you have your outfit ready for the New Year's Eve party, here are some stunning makeup looks for you to try out.

Electric Eyeliner

Make a statement by wearing a bold eyeliner on the eyes in whatever color you choose. This electric blue is a perfect choice when wanting to play with bright or neon hues. While this look includes a thick liner, you can make it as thin or thick as you like. Apply the eyeliner pencil or gel along the lash-line in an upward motion all the way towards the outer corners. If you're wanting to create a thick line, continue to fill the liner until it's thick enough. Set the look with a few coats of volumizing mascara.

Pout with Red Lips

The easiest way to elevate your look in seconds is to wear a bold lipstick color. The rest of your makeup can be as natural as you want because you've chosen to keep the drama in one place. This red lip look is sophisticated and perfect for New Year's Eve. Find a red lipstick that you feel really good in, and shape your lips with a matching lip liner to ensure the color stays put. Voila!

Milkyway Eye vibes

An easy way to amp up your beauty game for the most popular party night of the year is to bring in reinforcements. Applying sparkly eyeshadow around the eyes brings a whimsical touch to your look and takes no time at all to do. Apply your eyeliner as you normally would, whether you choose to wear a wing or smudge it up around the lashes. After you've applied your liner, blend a shimmering holographic eyeshadow around the top and bottom of the eye to add in the slightest touch of sparkle.

Pop of Colour

Eye makeup looks that take minimal effort yet make a statement are the best looks for NYE. The shimmery cream eyeshadow and pop of liner color in the inner bottom rim of the eyes adds just enough detail to your makeup, people will think you spent a lot of time conjuring up such a masterpiece. Choose what eyeliner color you like best, and after you've blended your shadow on the lid, line the bottom rim of your eyes with the liner to add the winning detail.

Glittering Chrome Eyes

A metallic eyeshadow that has a foil-like finish takes seconds to apply and lasts all night. No matter what you're wearing for NYE, this eyeshadow will complement anything. Apply an eyeshadow base and follow up with blending the eyeshadow to eyelids with a blending brush, or your finger. Your lids will be glistening and turning plenty of heads.

Glitter glitter Baby!

We like to think it's appropriate to wear glitter any time of year, yet NYE gives us the green light to wear as much glitter as we want (and we plan too). Gold glitter on the eyelids followed up with a dramatic lip choice takes little to no time at all to do yourself. Apply glitter to lids with an eyeshadow brush and then move on to a bold lipstick of your choice.

Go Abstract

This year switch up your standard wing eyeliner by creating an abstract detail that will set you apart from the rest. Apply your liquid liner like you normally would across the lash line and then extend the line from the end of the wing, up and above the crease. This steps up your winged eyeliner ever so slightly and is ideal for special occasions. Apply a sheer highlight in the corners of your eyes to set the look and add a touch of sparkle.

Juicy Jewel Tones

Jewel-toned eyeshadow is always a good idea when you want to play with color on the eyes. Whether you choose emerald, sapphire, or gold tones, wearing color will enhance any NYE makeup look. Apply your jewel-toned shadow of choice on the lids with a blending brush and bring the shadow down under the bottom lash line if you want to make it appear smokier.

Which looks promising to you? Tell me about the makeup looks that became your inspiration in the comments below or mention it on my facebook page or Instagram by tagging Crazy Nailzz.

Lots of Love!!!