Be Date Ready | Fashion Tips for Men

First dates are very exciting. You are about to meet someone for the first time. It might be the person with whom you will spend your entire life. Whether it is a blind date or a first official date with someone you like, it is important to make them feel that you are interested.

By dressing up smartly can be a way to show your interest as well as your personality. Guys often find themselves a little restricted when it comes to dressing, still some of them manage to look fabulous even in the simplest outfits.

If you are also confused about what to wear on your first date with that beautiful girl, here we go!

Dress Sharp!

Dress up sharp, especially if you are expecting her to look great for the date. Instead of wearing your everyday apparels, try to bring out the amazing side of your personality with tailored shirts, crisp streamlined trousers and right pair of footwear. You can also look sharp in casuals as well, but make sure to team the look correctly. Avoid your ripped jeans, even if it is just a movie date.

Pay Attention to Details!

Not just your clothes but every bit of your look matters on the first date. The girl will be paying attention to your hair, skin, hands, nails, and your feet. You have to make sure that everything is just right. After picking your outfit, choose accessories and footwear carefully. They should be in sync with the entire look.

Your Footwear Matters!

Thinking about randomly picking your footwear for the date? Maybe you need to think again and right. Footwear can make your overall look standout as well as kill it in an instant. It is your choice what you want. Whenever you meet someone for the first time, it is your footwear that captures their attention. Rugged, tattered or dirty footwear can give a wrong impression about your personality. Remember, the girl you are about to meet will be thinking a lot, especially whether she wants to see you again or not.

Be Yourself!

Do not try to be something else on the date. Keep it true and focused. You do not want her to complain about your changed personality after a couple of dates or find a completely different person in reality. Showing off is good, but try to keep it subtle. Behave properly with waiting staff, open doors for her, make her feel good and appreciated.

Focus On Grooming!

Are you one of the lots who does not care to take bath every day or find bed-head look stunning? Well, it won’t work on your first date. Take a nice bath, keep your hairstyle catchy, trim those nails, and put on some nice cologne or perfume. You might have a nice collection of deodorants, but they are not right for dates. Go for a hairstyle that brings attention to your face and goes well with the overall look.

Looking fabulous is not that difficult if you put together every style element correctly as per your personality.

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