Different Ways To Use A Nail Stamper

Have you been trying to master that stamper?

Once you have achieved a level of perfection on that stamper, it is time to take it on the next level. You can do a lot with a nail art stamper rather than just stamping those prints. Perfect your nail art with these amazing 5 ways to use a nail art stamper!

If using a stamper is still a tricky busines for you, visit How To Use A Nail Art Stamper Perfectly?

What you will need:

  • Any stamper of your choice. 
  • Stamper nail polish
  • Regular nail polishes
  • Top coats
  • Tweezers
  • Acetone
  • Clean-up brushes

1. The Traditional Way: Apply polish on the stamping plate, scrape off extra, pick up the image with stamper and transfer it on your nail.

2. Ombre Stamp Image: Use two polishes instead of one, scrape off extra side ways so the two colors stays intact, pick up the image and transfer to your nail. Try it 2 or more colors for cooler effect!

3. Reverse Stamping: Apply polish on plate, scrape off extra, pick up the image on stamper and use polishes of your choice to fill in the design. You can do ombre, rainbow or intricate color detailing for more depth in the design. Seal the design with top coat and way for it to dry completely. Peel off the design using tweezers, gently. Your personal nail art decal is ready. Use it just like decals on your nails!

4. Reverse Stamping Part 2: Follow all the steps of reverse stamping but instead of removing the dried image, transfer it directly to your nail. Make sure to apply top coat on your nail and let it dry a little, until it is sticky but not wet, before transferring the image.

Credits: maespiritu_artofnail

5. Marble Effect With Stamper:  You can read the steps for this one here on Marble Nail Art Using A Stamper.

You can get a better idea at all these steps with this tutorial!

Enjoy stamping and show me how it turned out to be for you!

Lots of Love!!!