12 Ikat Manicures That Bring Back The '70s

Ikat nails are the newest cool design to be taking over. Ikat comes from an ancient dyeing method that eventually turned into the pattern that you'd find on your grandmother's couch. But! That's ok! Look how cute it is on these manicures. You can go all out and get crazy with lots of bright colors and patterns, or you can stick to something more subtle and neutral—the possibilities are endless... unlike what to do with your grandmother's couch.

Enjoy these 16 Ikat manicures and be inspired for the next time you sit down to do your nails. Don’t forget to include all your favorite colors!

1. A little bling.


2. Black and white.


3. Busy with bright colors.


4. Pattern away.

5. Mint green with a little ikat.


via Instagram / @lina.thiphakhinkeo

6. Purple and gray.

via Instagram / @coupycoupo

7. Neon beauties.

via tumblr / chalkboardnails

8. Neutral nails.

via Instagram / @lianasnails

9. Peeking patterns.

via Instagram / @partialtopolish

10. Lovely in red.

via Instagram / @nnikoliv

11. Fuchsia design.

via Instagram / @nailsbysophia

12. So sparkly.

via Instagram / @shannasnailadventures

I hope you loved them. If you have ever tried any Ikat pattern on your nails, please share them with me on the blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Links to the pages are on top!

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