Bag-It Girl!!

Work, errands, shopping, the occasional party—no matter what you've got going on, these styles will have no problem keeping up and keeping you looking up-to-date.

The Third Arm 

Sorry, fanny pack lovers, but as long as the cross-body bag exists, there's no reason for that spare tire of a pouch to make a comeback. The extra-long strap keeps your arms free so you can text, balance a cardboard to-go tray of iced coffees or haul groceries without feeling like you're a pair of mouse ears away from resembling that photo of your mom at Disneyland in the late '80s.

Look for a size that's just large enough to carry a hardcover book or a 7-inch tablet. That way you won't be tempted to overstuff the bag with "just in case" extras that will kill your shoulder after an hour's wear.

The Double Agent

If there's any bag that we truly depend on, it's the tote bag. With all of that spaciousness, it's part gym bag, part baby bag, part beach bag. But we like it best as the getaway bag, as in those all-too-rare weekends when you cram in a change of clothes, a good book and your toothbrush, and head out of town to relax.

When buying a tote, pay close attention to the handles. Make sure they're long enough to easily slide onto your shoulder and sturdy enough that they won't tear off easily when the bag is stuffed full (which, let's face it, will be more often than not).

The Secret Keeper

The idea of a perpetually organized purse sounds blissful. On the days—or weeks—when that's not even a remote possibility, a structured top-handle bag guarantees that no one can tell that you're carrying eight months of crumpled receipts, two powdery tins of busted Altoids, and half a dozen pens that don't write, not to mention your keys and cash. The handbag holds its form so well that it's the ideal style for the office, making you feel pulled together even on days when you hit snooze too many times to iron your shirt.

Top-handle bags are appropriate for any work environment, but pay attention to the color. If you plan on carrying it every day—or you work in a conservative office—go for a dark neutral, like tan, gray or black.

The Throwback

Saved by the Bell's Mark-Paul Gosselaar is hotter than ever on Franklin & Bash, and Cory and Topanga are returning to TV in the reboot of Boy Meets World, so it only makes sense that another late-'90s hit is experiencing a revival: the drawstring (or bucket) bag. Nearly as spacious as a tote, it's great for women on the run. However, the top closes so you don't have to worry about the contents spilling out as you dash from one place to another. Plus, the teardrop shape is perfect for switching up your look without changing your outfit—it lends a funky, casual tone to whatever you're wearing.
Like the tote, it's important to check the handles, since you can (and will) cram a lot into this bag. Also pay attention to the drawstring—or clasp—closure. If it slides open easily, it will only get looser over time.

The Arm Candy

At first glance, the clutch seems impractical—it can barely hold a set of keys—but that's because you're thinking of it as a carryall, not what it really is: a bauble with purpose. It's just as eye-catching as a pair of chandelier earrings, but unlike jewelry, it discreetly holds your bare necessities.

When shopping, make a fist around your cell phone and stick it in a prospective clutch. If it fits, the handbag should have just enough space for your night-out essentials, dubbed "PMILK" by sartorial minimalists: phone, money, ID, lipcolor, keys.

Hope you all loved these!!!

Lots of Love!!!